Food Additives
 Sodium Metabisulphite
Sodium Metabisulphite is a free flowing white crystalline powder with odor of SO2.

Manufacturer :
- Aditya Birla Chemical (Thailand) Ltd.

Standard Packing :
-25 Kgs Polypropylene Woven bags with Inside Liner, paper bags.

- In Chemical systhesis in the production of Sodium Thiosulphite, Sulphonates, Resins & Acrylic Fibres.
- In Purification of Aldehydes & Ketones.
- In Food Industry as preservative (Dehydrated foods & Shrimps etc.)
- In effluent water - treatment of remove excess Chlorine & detoxification of Chromic acid in electroplating industries.
- In Pulp &Paper and Textile as Bleaching Agent, Anti chlor and anti peroxides.
- in Tanneries as Auxiliary in Decalcification & Bleaching Process.
- In Starch Production as bleaching agent & bactericidal.
- In Protographic Industry for production of developer Solution / Acidizing Fixation Baths.
- In mining Industry as Floating agent.
- In Production of Rubber as preservative & Bleaching agent
- In Pulp Mill in the production of sulphite pulp.
- In Steam boiler& drilling water as a oxygen scavenger.
- In manufacturing of Indigo Vats dyes.
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