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SPRING-1 is a mixture of food grad sodium / calcium salts and food materials in a ratio to provide excellent performance in reducing drip loss, improve moisture retention, prevent freeze burn, suitable for flavour and texture improvement of crustaceans, and other seafood products.

Specification   Product SPRING - 1
    Appearance White powder
    P2O5 (% by weight) 0
    pH (1% Solution) 7.5 - 8.5
    Water Insoluble (%) Not more than 0.1
    Heavy metal (as Pb) Not more than 10 ppm
    Fluoride (F) Not more than 10 ppm
    Arsenic (As) Not more than 3 ppm
Packing size   21 kgs net in white paper bag. 
(inner 3 kgs x 7 PE bags in white paper bag)
Shelf Life   1 year after manufacturing date subject to the following storage conditions.
Storage conditions   Preferably store in a cool and dry area.
Store in original unopened packaging. 
Keep from any possible contact with water. 
Occasional lumping may occur, but does not effect the efficiency of the product.
Usages   Increase yield of processed crustaceans.
Improves appearance of processed crustaceans. 
Seasoning of processed crustaceans.
Applications   SPRING-1 is used in processing of fresh frozen seafood products to reduce moisture loss.
SPRING-1 is used on the raw shrimp / squid when they are being held prior to processing in bulk vats as follows : 
- For each 100 kgs.shrimp / squid to be processed add 100 kgs.water. - Use SPRING-1 to raise the pH of the water to approximately 7.0+0.5. This will require approximately 3 kgs./1 kg. of SPRING-1 for each 100 kgs. of solutions use SPRING-1 (3% solution for shrimp / 1% solution for squid)
- Soak shrimp / squid in the SPRING-1 solution mix for approximately 10 minutes to 3 hours 
- Process normally after soaking.

SPRING-1 used will improve moisture retention and subsequent flavour and Texture characteristics of crustacean.

Product Approval  

SPRING-1 ingredients are free from added phosphates. Phosphorus analysis confirms the absense of phosphorus in this product. 
SPRING-1 ingredients are Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS List). 
SPRING-1 ingredients are of food grade standards as currently used in other food processing industries in accordance with the Food Chemicals Codex (Fourth Edition. 1996).

Material Safty Data Sheet  

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